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Team Cross Breed Forms OverWatch Team!
by Virus047

Team Cross Breed is jumping head first into the latest FPS competitive juggernaut, OverWatch, by announcing our formation of an official OverWatch Division! Blizzard’s first major attempt at a successful First Person Shooter, OverWatch, has already been widely popular even before the games official release with the Public Beta gathering in over 9.7 million players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One according to This figure alone along with all the hype speaks volumes of the nature of this games potential hit as a competitive juggernaut.

With that in mind Team Cross Breed quickly dusted off the inactive roster and returned McSkippy and Tomato (AKA: Xannar) from our old BC2 team and dragged St0rm and PerkyNips away from Azeroth to form the core of our new OverWatch team. Joining them are RTCW vets Scrilla and Virus047, along with new comer Chewy. Over the last 2-3 weeks this group has been hard at work learning the ins and outs of each of the 21 unique characters this game has to offer as well as finding a common ground in which to begin building our team’s core structure of players/classes.

With the competition mode still a ‘work in progress’; the team has remained focused on future competitive outlets with potential entry in GOSU Gamers tournaments as well as a possible signup within the OWL (OverWatch League) which just recently announced there league will be hosting more traditional ‘seasons’, much like TWL, STA or CAL. With the team core in place and the game only getting more and more popular it’s possible we might add an additional player or two to our already talented lineup. More on that in the future, but right now its time to lock n load and hopefully see where this game takes the competitive gaming community as its hype only grows. GL HF!
June 22, 2016 - 21:45
Team Cross Breed Turns 15!
by Virus047

A little over fifteen years ago in January of 2001, Team Cross Breed was born. While over the years we’ve had many different players play under our roof, we’ve had many different tags in front of our names and we’ve played many different games, our mission has remained the same. That mission: Fun. Friendship. Sportsmanship. Competition. Four simple words sum up 15 years of successful prosperity as a competitive gaming team.

Our humble beginnings started in January of 2001 as Guardian Network’s North American based Return to Castle Wolfenstein Team, called Team Cross Breed. Guardian Network’s Mission Statement was as follows: "The Guardian Network is a global base of gamers and friends that have come together to form a community they can reply on and trust". Within that mission statement Team Cross Breed found four important goals that we founded as our core principles, which have since guided our team during our first 15 years of existence.

Our team mission is and will continue to be our drive to show good sportsmanship in game, providing our members the feeling of family and friendship within our team and to always provide a fun and friendly environment in which to play games and in which to compete at a high level but never forgetting our focus as a fun and sportsmanlike team. This mission has provided Team Cross Breed a stable backbone to rely upon during the first 15 years of our life. While many gaming teams pride themselves upon a winning record or racking up championships and e-accolades, Team Cross Breed has never cared about wins or losses. For us it’s all about the people and the friendships we’ve created over the years.

With our first fifteen years behind us it’s time to look forward to the next 15 years in front of us. I’m sure the coming fifteen years will be interesting. I’m sure we will play new games. I’m sure we will have new faces. Who and what games we will play, I honestly don’t know. That’s the exciting part. The one thing I do know for sure is that Team Cross Breed will always be here so long as there are players who want to have fun, play games, and compete in a fun and sportsmanlike environment. It was our mission for the first fifteen years of our life and it will continue to be our mission for the next fifteen years.

To everyone who played with, against or for Team Cross Breed at any point during our first fifteen years of existence, I thank you! It has been a blast and I know I speak for everyone in Team Cross Breed in saying a big thanks and an even bigger GL HF!! We look forward to what the future holds and a happy and successful 2016! Thanks!

Matt “Virus047” Beck

Leader/Founder Team Cross Breed

Note: Edited from our 10 year celebration post... I was lazy and the 10 year post was pretty good....
January 08, 2016 - 17:57
Spuddy Wins Fantasy Football Championship!
by Virus047

Congrats goes out to Spuddy from Teh Birdz on winning the Team Cross Breed & Friends Fantasy Football Championship this season.

Final Standings:
Gryg - FIRST LOSER (Runner Up)
The Yinz - THIRD PLACE (Virus047's Sister!)

Spuddy was the favorite to win the Championship Match-up vs Gryg and proved to be the better team in the end. Spuddy ended the season with a 10-4 record while Gryg only managed to nail down a 5-9 record. The impressive run through the playoffs from Gryg wasn't unexpected however as he was the champion of the last TWO seasons of Fantasy Football! His bid for Back to Back to Back fell just short.

Per the norm... we will have this again next year. Stay tuned to the massive amounts of spam to your email, phone, facebook accounts associated with your Yahoo Fantasy Football Account around July of 2016! smiling Congrats to the winning teams!
January 04, 2016 - 19:50
Happy New Year!!!
by Virus047

Happy New Year! 2016 is minutes away and I think its a good time to reflect on another successful year turned in by our group.

While PC gaming has changed much over the last several years, one of the biggest components of our team that continued to stay the same year after year was our love of RTCW. We have remained ever faithful to the much loved title, Return To Castle Wolfenstein. The game continues to remain a hit with our group and a core group of RTCW players whom still play the game. This year Team Cross Breed completed another run in one of the more recent RTCW competitive revival cups, Two Continents, 1 Cup... Cup! While this cup was a little smaller than the previous few, Team Cross Breed still faced off against some very stiff NA and EU competition. In the end CB finished with the Runner Up Title, in the NA Championship game, and a 5-5 overall record in the regular season standings. The Cup was capped by Team Cross Breed's come from behind 4-2 regular season victory over Teh Birdz.

This year we also continued our RTCW Frag Nights against our long time friends & rivals Teh Birdz. To complement that we also saw the return of our 3v3 Tournament hosted with Teh Birdz. Season #2 of The CrossBirdz 3v3 was just as fun as the previous season with Dynamite Donkey Punchers (Brujah, Tragic & Eights) taking the championship this season. Rumors of a 3rd season are abound but more likely to happen mid to late 2016. That being said our group continues to keep playing RTCW at least once a week (usually Monday's @ 10 PM EST) with our usual host of players in Tragic, Luna, Reker, Kittens, DeadEye, LikeThat, Knifey, Brujah and occasional appearances from Cheech, Grom and Joker.

This year we also turned our attention to several other games in which you can find our members frequenting in Dirty Bomb and H1Z1 to name a few. While competition in those games isn't really possible our players continue to await future competitive gaming possibilities with much anticipation. 2016 is now right around the corner, but 2015 was a good year for our group. As the time passes it puts us that much closer to over 15+ years as a gaming organization. Technically speaking Team Cross Breed will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in the first week of January, so right around the corner! That being said I'm sure if 2015 is any indication, 2016 should be a good one! Thanks and Happy New Year!
December 31, 2015 - 21:04
Team Cross Breed & Friends Fantasy Football League Standings Thru Week 11!
by Virus047

Week #12 is upon us! With the holidays comes the usual Thanksgiving slate of Thursday Football games leading this weeks matchups! Make sure everyone sets the lineups accordingly as this can sometimes make or break teams heading into the playoffs a few weeks away. Spuddy and Reker hold onto the #1 and #2 spots with our biggest jump in standings goes to Team Yinz from #9 all the way to #5. Best of luck to everyone. Here are the current standings through week #11!

#01 SpuddyBuddy. 9-2
#02 WreckaYoFace. 9-2
#03 Roger's Team. 7-4
#04 playeaaaah. 5-6
#05 Team Yinz. 5-6
#06 Scoob will pwnz0rall. 5-6
#07 The Grygs. 4-7
#08 No Hope. 4-7
#09 Team Pain Train. 4-7
#10 ANDREW's Team. 3-8

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! GL! HF!
November 25, 2015 - 08:13

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