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Team Purpose: Team Cross Breed is an online gaming team. We currently compete in Return To Castle Wolfenstein! We have also competed in the following games or continue to pub them: Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 4, Brink, Wolfenstein 2009, Call of Duty 4 and Dirty Bomb! We compete with other teams in friendly matches, scrimmages, leagues, ladders, and other events to prove ourselves as a fun and competitive gaming team. We strive to show our dedication by showing good sportsmanship in game and within the gaming communities we are involved. We wish to provide our members with a feeling of family, friendship and to provide a fun and friendly environment in which to play.

Membership: Our main goal is to recruit only those players who support our team's purpose. Members who wear our tags show first and foremost, good sportsmanship in game and in the community. They also show dedication to our team's goals, by being active, mature, and competitive! We are a competitive gaming team, meaning not only do we compete in leagues and ladders, but compete among ourselves to further improve our personal gaming skills. Members within our ranks also are more than just teammates, but friends with a common goals.

Code of Conduct: Team Cross Breed's members are governed by a Code of Conduct. Clearly stated within the Code of Conduct is how our members will conduct themselves within our team, in game and within the communities we are involved in. It also clearly defines other information, such as membership requirements. Accepting membership within Team Cross Breed, means our members have accepted the Code of Conduct and will follow it to the letter.

Team Structure: Team Cross Breed is run by it's members, for it's members. Our team has one team founder and leader, Virus047. Our team also has one co-leader and two team captains per division, our co-Leader and team captains are voted into those positions by our members. When a spot becomes vacant, the active members will vote upon new candidates. These members hold these positions because they have proven themselves as dedicated, mature and outstanding members within our team. Co-leader and team captains can be removed from these positions if they fail to uphold the standards of those 'offices'. Members status within the team is either set as Active, Inactive or Honorary.

Team Information: We provide the following tools for our members: Team Speak 3, Team E-Mails, IRC (Public and Private), Website, Forums (Public and Private), as well as several gaming servers (Public and Private). These tools are to be used by team members with the understanding that they are not to be abused or misused. This also goes for our public resources, including servers, IRC, and forums. We require all members to have a working headset/mic for in game communication, as well has having a working IRC account. These tools are paid for by the team founder, co-leader, team captains and other members.

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