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Code of Conduct

I. General Rules

  1. All rules are subject to change
    • Rules may be bent, but never will be broken
    • Rules may be put aside for the right reasons if deemed fit
    • If you break a rule, you will be subject to review and face punishment by the Team Leader/Captain
  2. Team Cross Breed can in no way be held responsible for individual member’s actions.
  3. Major problems should be brought to the attention of the Team Captain of that players division or the Team Leader ASAP.
  4. Members will NOT share passwords to the private forums or our servers with anyone!
  5. If you know a possible new recruit, please give a Team Captain or Team Leader their IRC name, E-Mail and a time for which they can contact them. Also give the potential new recruit all relevant public clan information, so we can begin the recruitment process.
  6. Website, Forums, IRC, Servers and Ventrilo
    • These are provided for your use. Please do not abuse them.
    • Do not share any private passwords or information with anyone!
    • Please use IRC.
  7. Members will idle in both the private and public channel. cool Please wear the CB| tag on IRC (IE: CB|Virus047).
    • Any sub tags, away messages, leagues can be worn at the end of your name (IE: CB|Virus047|AFK or CB|Virus047|STA).
  8. Hacking and Cheating will NOT be tolerated
    • If it is found that you have been hacking or cheating, you will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the team and removed from all rosters.
    • There are no excuses.
  9. Your membership status can be changed at anytime.
    • Active/Inactive/Honorary status is changed by Team Leader/Founder
    • Members are responsible for showing up on time and being active within the team. This includes showing up for the following:
      • Matches
      • Scrims
      • Practice
      • Group Pubbing
      • Meetings
        • You must show up for at least 2 Practices, 2 Scrims and 1 Match over the course of two weeks to be considered active.
  10. Showing up for practices and scrims determines who will play in most matches.
  11. This is a competitive game so starting spots are also considered competitive.
  12. Better guns can and WILL be used if needed in matches, over players who haven't shown up for team scheduled events.

II. In Game/Match Rules

  1. In Game Behavior
    • If you are wearing the Team Cross Breed tag in game, your behavior will reflect back upon this team.
    • Good sportsmanship should be shown at all times!
      • In game
      • In community forums and websites
      • Only Team Captain or Leader will talk in game. IE: Global Chat in matches.
      • Never shoot a teammate intentionally in a match, unless it's a TK Revive.
      • Don't gloat if you are better than other players on server.
        • This means in game actions (IE: Spawn Camping on Shrub Servers)!
        • On public servers, forums or in the community.
        • Joking around with your fellow teammates will happen. Just keep it clean if you are in public.
        • Team Fights
          • Teams naturally create rivalries among other teams or players.
          • Please don't push this rivalry in the public view or beyond the spirit of the game. It's just a game.
          • If things get out of hand the Team Captains or Leader will take care of it.
          • Please report any abuse or problems to your Team Captains or Leader ASAP!
  2. Match Disputes
    • Team Leader/Team Captains will handle any Match Disputes with the appropriate league administrators.
    • All players will provide Demos upon request from a league admin!
    • No excuses.
    • You will cooperate with all league admin officials.
  3. Other Rules and Information
    • If you will be going inactive or wish to leave Team Cross Breed, inform the team Leader ASAP PLZ!

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