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likethat Clanmember
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05.25.2016, 21:18 offline quote 

Unread postby MAN-AT-ARMS » 24 May 2016 15:48

idSoftware was gracious enough to fix the RTCW master server for us as I had requested. should resolve again (

Patched binaries / hosts file changes should no longer be required.

Server operators are encouraged to use the official master and to set any alternate ones as sv_master2-sv_master5 and to restart their servers.

The guy mentioned on IRC he was looking into some routing issues because the Quake 3 master had stopped working a few weeks ago. So, I asked him to check into the RTCW master.

I also asked him about maybe getting a release of the official, console-only maps, perhaps for 15th anniversary...To that I was basically told that it wasn't likely to happen.

I tried though.
Virus047 Clanmember
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05.26.2016, 13:48 offline quote 

This is pretty epic that they would do this.... unfortunately a little too late. unhappy But still pretty awesome.
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