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Virus047 Clanmember
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registered: 19.02.2012
05.05.2012, 20:56 offline quote 

So you wanna challenge the breed? Were usually very open to new scrims and challenges. What I need from you is some quick information. Please leave:

Team Name: Team n00blars
IRC Channel (Network): #n00blars (
Team Website:
Date/Time of Scrim: Tuesday, 10 PM EST
Game: RTCW
Format (5v5, 6v6): 6v6
Map/Maps: mp_base, mp_assault
Where?: Your Server...were noobs. We have no server...

We will review this information and reply back ASAP with our response to your request.

PS: Games we play and are available for requesting scrims. ET, RTCW, ET:QW, TF2, BC2 and COD4

Okay? Get the drift? Now get challenging!
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