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This is taken straight from the intro page of the old Guardian-Network Website. It clearly states the values that Team Cross Breed was founded upon.

"The Guardian Network is a global base of gamers and friends that have come together to form a community they can reply on and trust."

When the foundations of what would become Team Cross Breed, was formed in early 2001, the team's name was Guardians of the Castle (|GTC|). |GTC| was a member of a larger network of gaming clans called the Guardian-Network, or G-Net. G-Net included clans in three regions of the world, North America, Europe and South Africa. Guardian-Network was founded by Gheko, and participated in a wide range of online games, including: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Star Craft: Broodwars, Quake III: Arena, Unreal Tournament, Red Alert 2 and War Craft II: Reign of Chaos. Around July of 2002, the G-Net teams were divided up into clans from three regions around the world, forming a Network of teams. The South African squads taking the team name Guardians, the Euro squad took the name Hybrid Paradox and the North American squad took the name Team Cross Breed.

Gheko retained founder status and Funk_Dokta was given leadership of the NA Division. Many of the members of |GTC| were from NA, so the common gaming passion continued to be with RTCW. With a new name and a fresh start, Team Cross Breed entered into competitive RTCW play with a solid roster including: Funk_Dokta, C-Note, Rivrstyx, Gheko, Springfield, Motorhead, Capt. Blammo and Pauly. Cross Breed signed up for TWL's 5v5 ladder and started our competitive run. Seeing that the team would require more members to keep a competition squad active, Funk recruited other faces, such as Apoc, Virus047, Tactic, and Psyko. With a solid roster in place, Cross Breed signed up for the TWL Beta Season #2 League. The league was a huge learning experience for all, and Cross Breed finished the regular season with a 1-7 record. Because the division was week, Cross Breed made its very first playoff appearance vs. Absolute Synergy.

Halfway through the first season, Funk was forced to move away, and leadership was given to Virus047, until he could return. Under Virus's leadership, Cross Breed began recruiting new faces, and joining other areas of competition. We also made a change from very serious competition to a more laid back approach, which at the time better suited the nature of our team. Funks return was a pleasant one, seeing that Cross Breed was doing so well, he left control of Cross Breed in Virus's hands for good. Members like LPChicken, Malicus, BigMike, Binary, and RedSaynt joined. We signed up for TWL's Beta Season #3 and competed actively in the TWL 5v5 ladder. We finished TWL Beta Season #3 with a 2-6 record. When the season was over, it was decided we would recruit more serious players and try to compete in a more serious nature in the RTCW competition world.

With this new approach in mind, we recruited members such as Darkon, Johnny, Snake, Thrillhouse, and ScoobySnacks to help with our new competition teams. Team Cross Breed signed up for TWL Beta Season #4, CAL Open Season #6 and STA Omega Season #3 and began our run in to serious competition. It was a huge change of pace, scrimming several times a night, practicing and many hard fought matches lead Cross Breed to our first playoff appearance in CAL and STA! Cross Breed finished 4-4 in TWL Beta, 4-4 in CAL Open and 5-6 in STA Omega. We made Playoff appearances in both TWL and CAL. The following seasons Cross Breed finished 4-4 in CAL Open, 4-6 in TWL Beta and finished STA Omega with a 6-4 Regular season and made it all the way to the Semi Finals in STA playoffs, ending our total record that season at 7-5. Unfortunately these seasons, were filled with roster issues, members leaving and constant recruiting. This would be our final run in TWL or CAL's competition leagues. Cross Breed merged its remaining roster with long time friends, Collateral Damage, and continued to play in RTCW competition for many seasons with them. Cross Breed was out of the competition world for almost two seasons, when Virus047 convinced Damage to sign up in STA under the Cross Breed name.

At the time STA Season #6 was just starting, so we recruited a very strong roster of long time members and old friends. Cross Breed stormed the STA ranks and finished the regular season with an 8-2 record, we entered the playoffs and made it all the way to the Semi Finals before our run ended. We finished the season at 9-3. Lack of interest for RTCW in Collateral Damage or Cross Breed forced Cross Breed to not join the next season of STA or any other form of competition. Early 2005, Team Cross Breed was retired from competition, compiling an 87-87-5 record in its 4 years run in active competition.

In the spring of 2006 Team Cross Breed returned to the competition arena to complete in TWL's Season #12. BOB3 (Battle of the Beach 3) was taking place and renewed interest in the RTCW compelled many new and old faces to return this once great game and community. The same renewed interest sparked Cross Breeds own return, with players like Virus047, Darkon, Joker, Bizkit, Crowbar and Pand all returning to play. New faces in Patience, Sykotic, Cisto and Bliss completed the roster. CB finished the season 3-5 and made the playoffs only to lose in the first round. Continued interest in competition turned into Cross Breeds first and only attempt at shrub competition competing in TWL's Season #6 Shrub league following the OSP Seasons finish. Cross Breed pounded out the wins going 6-2 before finally losing in the first round of the playoffs to the power house Tribal Valor.

TWL Season #13 followed and Cross Breed started the season off with a strong roster with additions of What!? and Conscious. These players helped Cross Breed get of to a fast 2-1 start, but roster problems and a long holiday break undermined our effort to have a strong second half. We finished the season 3-5, losing several very close matches, in a season that we could have easily gone 5-3 or 6-2 had we had no roster issues. With interest in RTCW competition degrading it was decided Cross Breed would make the switch to Enemy Territory following the Season #13 playoffs. Cross Breed officially entered the ET community in the Winter of 2007 and joined up for it's first ET season with TWL's ET Season #10. Roster additions of st0rm, Mudda, Stopthief, sR and Ownage rounded out the ET roster. In the spring of 2007 Cross Breed finished its first regular season in ET competition finishing with a 2-6 record, but learned much and gained alot of experience. That experience will translate into the next season of TWL and STA!

In the summer of 2007 Cross Breed rejoined STA for the first time in almost two years to compete in STA's ET Season #9. The lessons learned in TWL translated into more experience but the season was mired with roster problems and some very difficult opponents, ultimately ending in a 2-6 finish to the season. During this time however Cross Breed joined TWL's 6v6 ET Ladder and rolled off 2 quick victories! TWL announced in early August of 2007 that they were no longer hosting ET seasons so STA stepped up and announced another season of competition starting up shortly after the competition of there 9th season playoffs. Cross Breed recruited heavily and is looking forward to better results in STA's Season #10 and future competition! Enemy Territory: Quake Wars betas were released in 2007 and Cross Breed announced it will form a division to compete in future leagues and competitions that support ET:QW! What!? was named Cross Breed's first ET:QW Team Captains!

Season #11 of STA started off really well for CB as we had recruited a very solid lineup and dedicated our time toward scrimming and improving our teamwork. Blue, Thomas and Zazeem joined our ET team and with Mudda, Sladden, Sykotic, Homeless and Grom returning from the last season our roster was really improved. We started off very strong and had hopes for a very successful season, however some mishaps early on in the season and we found ourselves sitting at 4-4 when the season finished. Playoffs found Cross Breed as the #1 seed in the consolation bracket. After 2 matches we were in the Championship in the Consolation Bracket vs. Vilify. Despite scoring first, CB wouldn't walk away champions as Vilify would hold on to win the next two rounds and win 2-1. After the season was complete, several CB players left for other team's and CB recruited again for another season. Season #11 was announced in late December of 2007, and our ET team has high hopes for a successful yet fun first season in 2008.

Around the same time STA-ET Season #11 was starting our ET:QW division was continuing to form and grow. CB recruited a very strong lineup of new players to join our newest division. Canvasback, Stever, Talen, PhreakofNature and Truck all joined our team with CB veterans Virus047, Mistaken and What!? coming over from the ET division. Canvasback was later named as the other Team Captain in the ET:QW Division and has been instrumental towards leading CB's ET:QW division in the recent months. After some hard losses in TGL's tournaments, CB started reeling off wins in scrims and practices. Players like Pondito and AK then joined our roster and really gave us some needed skill and talent to push us into the ranks of the best teams in ET:QW. CB quickly joined up in TGL's Season #1 and finished with a record of 2-6. Following the end of TGL’s Season #1 CB’s ET:QW Division refocused our efforts towards Infantry Only competition by recruiting Ownage and Chronic into our ranks and quickly rolled to a 5-3 record in TGL’s 5v5 Infantry Only Season #1! In the playoffs CB appeared to be one of the top three teams but was stopped short in the first round of the playoffs vs. Team Fate with a 4-2 loss on Sewer.

This would prove to be one of the final matches for our ET:QW Division, following up the TGL 5v5 Infantry Only Season came a devastating STA-ET:QW 5v5 Infantry Only Season #1 start with losses to some very weak teams due to roster issues and lack of scrimming. With a 1-3 record at the Week #5 mark, CB’s ET:QW Division Folded its ranks and the remaining players of Virus047, Ownage and What!? looked towards COD4 as a new game to tackle. One short season in CAL-Open COD4 Competition would mark the start and finish of CB’s short lived COD4 Division. With the creation of a COD4 Division, What!? was named Team Captain and we set about recruiting a solid lineup of old veterans Ownage, What!?, and Vixen joining ranks with new faces of Riddick and Smasher. CB’s COD4 Division joined CAL Open’s Season #2 of COD4 competition and started off with a 2-2 record but finished the season on a low note finishing 2-6 overall and not making the playoffs. Because of roster issues and players leaving for other teams CB decided to dissolve our COD4 Division and look towards other endeavors.

STA-ET Season #11 started to look very grim before the season was even announced as many of our ET Divisions core players returned to former teams including Sladden, Blue, Thomas, and Zazeem going to K4F and Mudda retiring for a short time. Despite this setback, CB recruited a very strong lineup of players like Zephyr, Ghost/Slum, Ebola, Yamo, N!ghty and DynoSauR and rolled to a 5-3 record in STA-ET Season #11! Because competition was very strong that season CB’s ET Division missed the playoffs but looked forward to the challenge of the next season with a now stable roster. Sladden and Mudda made returns to CB’s ET Division in STA-ET’s Season #12 and helped lead the team to a respectable 4-4 record but also missed the playoffs for the second straight season. Cross Breed didn’t stop there though, picking up players like Sloth, Elf and a host of others to put forth a very solid STA Season #12 finish and helped kick start a run in two ETL Seasons. In ETL Season #2, CB’s ET Division jump started to a quick 3-1 record and was among the top teams in ETL’s 6v6 Division. The ET Team would finish ETL with a 4-4 record after a fairly lack luster finish and would make the playoffs only to drop out after only the first round. STA-ET Season #13 was announced in August of 2008 and will kick off play in late September.The ET Division would run into roster issues and poor performances during Season #13 and only managed to pickup 2 wins out of 8 tries. Regardless the core players who played had a good time and managed to enjoy themselves as well as put up a very hard fight despite a 2-6 record. Most of the same group would return the following season including NoAim, Nighty, Gryg, Defiant, Cobra, Sykotic and Homeless. STA-ET Season #14 started in February of 2009 and the ET Division looks to have another solid season. CB’s ET Division remains one of the oldest teams left in North American ET Competition and returned mostly because they wanted to compete and continue the same fun tradition that CB has upheld over the ages.

Around the same time STA-ET Season #12 was finishing up for our ET Division, CB’s ET:QW Division made a return to competition with the merger of the team formally known as The Goons merging into Team Cross Breed to become our ET:QW Division. CB veteran players Virus047 and Tallen would join there team to become CB’s ET:QW Division to play along side new comers Nehc, Dominoes, Revolver, Dafte and a host of other new faces from the Goons. The ET:QW Division joined TGL’s 4v4 Infantry Only Season. The ET:QW Division finished the TGL 4v4 Season with a 3-3 record since the season was only six weeks long. The ET:QW Division then joined STA-ET:QW Season #2 and CAL-ET:QW Season #3. Bocephus and Pommeh joined the roster to help guide the team to huge successes in both STA and CAL! The ET:QW Division rolled to a 3-0 start in STA but finished 5-3 after losses to Team Fate and Jerky Boys in the final weeks. In CAL it was a different story, early losses against Hubris and Xtreme Ringer put the team at 0-2 however the team quickly rebounded and rolled off 4 wins in the final six weeks to put CB’s CAL record at 4-4. The team made the playoffs in both leagues with a 5-3 record in STA and 4-4 in CAL. However losses in the first round of both leagues dropped CB out of the post season title chase. Regardless the season was mostly viewed as a success based on the new faces and the hard work the team put into both leagues.

CAL announced shortly after the Finals of their Season #3 Playoffs that they were dropping ET:QW from there hosted leagues and STA was the lone remaining ET:QW League in NA. STA-ET:QW announced Season #3 in December of 2008 and began play in February of 2009! Team Cross Breed needed to retool our ET:QW Division roster and thus picked up Killa_Nip and Ducnow from Going Postal which bolstered our lineup. Team Cross Breed racked up 5 wins during the STA Regular Season and lost a very close match in the playoffs against l1t in Round #1, but the overall 5-3 record was a HUGE accomplishment as the ET:QW Division started the season off with a heart breaking loss to AOD in week #1. The team was forced to rebound quickly after the week one loss and rolled off 5 wins in the last 7 weeks of the regular season. After a VERY long break between seasons, STA announced Season #4 would start in May of 2009 with a two week long preseason and an 8 week long regular season. Around the same time TGL returned to ET:QW with a new staff and would join STA in NA as the only two league supporting ET:QW Competition. Despite a fairly strong showing of clans at the start of both TGL and STA’s fresh seasons, the community dwindled to only a smattering of teams by the end of the seasons and TGL was eventually forced to drop its hosting of ET:QW due to lack of interest in teams around Week #7. STA however was able to maintain enough teams to complete the regular season and playoffs. Team Cross Breed’s ET:QW Division finished with a 2-6 record in STA and ended TGL with a 2-5 record.

RTCW 2 was announced in October of 2005 as in development however the official development announcement came in July of 2008. In March of 2009 the official website for “Wolfenstein” was released and the OFFICIAL Release Date of August 18th was announced for RTCW2! Wolfenstein was released in the fall of 2009 and Team Cross Breed competed in the only hosted competitive event in the games short history, TGL’s Intel Extreme Tournament. During the tournament Team Cross Breed’s Wolfenstein Division consisted of Virus047, Tallen, Killa_Nip, Gryg, Nighty and NoAim to name a few. While the game was an EPIC failure our run through the Intel Tournament was not. We finished in 6th place out of 32 teams and had to face Team Hubris (a former ET:QW Team) for the battle for 5th place. The top five teams received price money, which of course we missed out on.

With Wolfenstein a 110% failure Team Cross Breed returned to playing Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for a short time in some small tournaments/cups hosted by community members but not supported by any major league. The ET Team finished’s Grand Prix event with a poor showing of 1-5 (6 week long season). Our ET:QW Team on the other hand finished 3-2-1 in an event hosted by Geezer Gaming called the ETQW Pub League Quick Cup #1! The final match was a nail bitter against Geezer Gaming (GZR) and finished in a draw with the score notched @ 2-2. The final round was on Base and the last 15 minutes were a very hard fought infantry phase with our ET:QW Team being pushed all the way inside defending the last stage. Nip, Rev, Ducnow, Bo, Tallen and Virus047 all played very well and pulled off a major upset over a higher seeded GZR team. Even though the match ended in a draw, the ET:QW Team was happy to end its long two year run on a high note!

Team Cross Breed basically went MIA for a few months following ET:QW with no games peaking our interest at that time. Sure enough though, Team Cross Breed returned to competition in a brand new arena with the Battlefield Series in the latest installment of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2) in 2010. We recruited several new players including McSkippy, Laserr, 2Spun, Disco and False and returned several Team Cross Breed Vets in Tallen, NoAim, Bo, SlugaMunky & BlueWolverine. Even THE RevTube and Truck from ET:QW returned to play short stints with us in BC2. We joined both TGL’s League and TWL’s ladder competitions and did VERY well. Our BC2 Team in TGL finished TGL’s first season with a 4-4 Record and made the playoffs. Our TWL Ladder Team did even better finishing with a 5-3 Record, climbing in to the top 25 rankings out of over 150 teams and our three losses were all in overtime with scores of 3-4 and 2-3 respectively. Our BC2 Division became disinterested in competition with lack of a competitive mod release or proper rules in place to enforce good competitive play between two teams.

With that in mind Team Cross Breed left the BC2 Competitive arena for yet another gaming outlet! TF2! Yes. We returned to TF2. Some might remember a short lived TF2 Division within Team Cross Breed back in 2008! Together with Skippy, Laser, 2Spun, Bo, Sluga, Disco, Tallen and Virus047, Team Cross Breed joined UGC’s TF2 League Season #5. While the game was basically new to most of our players we took it in stride and enjoyed playing one season under UGC’s competitive league. We finished with only a 3-9 record but had fun along the way getting to play something fresh and new! After TF2’s season finished Team Cross Breed left TF2 to explore other options for competition. However nothing peaked our interest and Team Cross Breed entered an inactive state and the release of a much anticipated Brink Title from Splash Damage, which gave gaming titles like Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory Quake Wars!

In 2011 Brink was finally released by Splash Damage. While the game itself was fun to pub, yet again a hugely hyped game didn't catch on as a good solid competitive outlet. Many issues including balance with teams, classes and huge map sizes hurt the game from release. Later issues included the lack of support by major gaming leagues with money and prizes and the lack of an SDK for the mod community to begin to mold the game into something that would last competitively much like RTCW & ET. That being said Team Cross Breed of course supported the game in the initial tournaments fielding at one point two teams with two separate rosters. We recruited several new faces in to the team with Sparks & McGee to name a few. We also had several old CB faces returned with Sladden, Grom, KNip, NoAim, and several other players from our ET/BC2/ET:QW team joined the fray with Bo, Slug, McSkippy & ChaosSyn joining in the fun to form our Brink Division. After the initial surge of teams and tournaments the game fell inactive after only a few short weeks and Team Cross Breed's Brink Division was basically finished.

In mid 2011 Team Cross Breed began hosting "frag nights" ever other week in the absence of a good solid competitive outlet for our remaining active members and we decided to return to a game everyone agreed was well overdue for a return. Enemy Territory! These frag nights returned several old school players to our ranks for an evening of "intra clan" scrimming and fragging. Generally speaking we would spend the evening making fun of each others mistakes and bask in the glory that was Enemy Territory and the good old days! Frag Nights continued well into 2012 and are still currently being hosted on Monday evenings @ 9:30 PM EST. We've had several old players come back to frag including Defiant, Sladden, Slum, Ping, What!?, KNip, Ducnow, Canvasback each making an appearance during one or two frag nights. Generally speaking Gryg, NoAim, Nighty, Syk, Homeless, StopThief & Virus047 make up the bulk of the active roster competing during our "frag nights". We've even managed to recruit a new member in to our fold in the form of Bimini who's started fragging with our team. To top off our "return" to playing Enemy Territory in late 2011 TWL announced it was returning to host Enemy Territory in the form of a 3v3 and a 5v5 ladder! Team Cross Breed was "participating" in these ladders as of 2012 along with around a half dozen teams in what remains of the active NA ET Community. I believe I speak for everyone when we say winning isn't important in this stage of the game in comp but were having fun playing again and shooting each other in the back. We'll... mostly were having fun if we can leave spawn. Or Mega fail a dock run... *Cough*.

In the spring of 2012, Virus047, Ducnow and Brandon/Funkster/Anim from our ET:QW Division returned to that game to compete in a short lived revival of that games competition scene. Since CB's ET:QW Division had long since been inactive we ended up merging our players with LiquidPain and GodCody from Silent Service (one of our "rival" but friendly ET:QW teams at the time the game was going strong). We called ourselves Silent Breed for shits and giggles and competed in a short lived ET:QW Cup which was made up of several NA and EU teams. We finished 5-0 and went undefeated throughout the run. Never losing a match and only losing one or two rounds total. We finished champions of our little bracket of 6 teams in a tournament of about 20+ teams. It was fun to play ET:QW again but as with all games now long past there prime ET:QW's short lived revival was just that... short lived.

Sometimes good things come to an end... and other times those good things never end because they are just that… good. That happened again with RTCW. In the fall of 2012 RTCW made a come back in the EU RTCW Competitive community with a small 6v6 cup that brought back WarWitch of TSN fame to the casting arena. Now with advances in technology and streaming abilities, RTCW had a new lease on life! WarWitch and his casting team brought a new energy and excitement back to the game which had long since lost that energy! Team Cross Breed did not miss out on this revival as we signed up for the very next cup. The cup was called the 2013 RTCW Legacy Cup which started in the early Summer of 2013. Our team consisted of old school RTCW vets in Virus047, St0rM & Joker and we picked up several new faces for our roster but certainly not new faces to the game of RTCW or even Team Cross Breed in LikeThat!?, DeadEye, Cheech & GhostRider. We also have conscripted some of our old school ET team members in NoAim in a few scrims and matches. We also managed to round up old school RTCW and ET players in Grom & Sladden whom have made the rounds with Team Cross Breed before! These RTCW cups were organized to have 3-4 week group stages and then a playoff. Team Cross Breed, having much rust to shake off finished our first group stage run with a record of 0-1-2 (2 Losses, 1 Draw and 0 Wins). We however did not qualify for the playoffs.

The poor showing in the RTCW 2013 Legacy Cup did not detour our team from working harder than ever to improve our roster and improve our outlook for the next cup. With that in mind Team Cross Breed brought in several new faces to our team in Bassman, Pib, Scrilla and Two Kittens to bolster our roster. Our new roster took some time to get going but after a few weeks we were clicking. Weekly scrims against Teh Birdz, and a few other random teams helped improve our teamwork and strats for our entry into the latest cup, The 2013 Asus Alliance Cup. We ended up in a North American only group in the group stage with some VERY solid teams in Envious, Teh Birdz and Pew Pew. Our first match was against Pew Pew and we blew them out of the water with a 4-0 win. Our second match was in Week #2 against Teh Birdz and we lost 3-1 in a very closely contested match (which could have gone either way) and finally we finished up group stage dropping a match against Team Envious 4-0. Sitting 1-2 at the end of the group stage wasn’t pretty but we proved a point that our team was def a team to not look past. This cup’s Admins created a TWO bracket system for teams (Winners Bracket and Consolation Bracket). Our team qualified for the Consolation bracket and faced off against our first Euro team opponent in ELITE in the first round, beating ELITE 4-2 in a very close match. The second match was against CAVE, a very established EU team and we lost 4-0 but it was a closer match than the score indicated. Pings and some poor play on our part ultimately cost us the game.

It wasn’t long after the 2013 Asus Alliance Cup ended that yet another RTCW Cup was announced. The Reich Strikes Back Cup kicked off with a standard group stage followed by the traditional playoffs. While slightly smaller than the last cup in terms of participants this cup proved a huge success as Admins took loads of feedback from the community and continued hosting a consolation bracket to the playoffs providing teams more matches to compete in if they didn’t quality for the normal winners bracket playoff. This cup was a mixed bag of success with a 1-2 group stage record vs. the NA based RTCW Teams and a quick exit in the Consolation Bracket with losses to Elite & Gentleman E-Sports. During the group stage, our biggest win was against Game Over, truly the next best NA based team at the time next to Good Knight (Envious from the previous cups). The match was back and forth but CB took the win 4-3! Our biggest letdown was against Arch Rival TeH Birdz with a 3-1 loss in our match during the group stage! Teh Birdz took the early 1-0 lead on mp_ice a map that was fairly strong for us that season, but Teh Birdz quickly proved the better team and pulled off two quick rounds to go up 2-0 on that map. Moving to Frostbite, CB turned the table and took a round moving the score to 2-1 in favor of Teh Birdz. The final round was again marked by mistakes and bad timing as we had a decent hold but couldn't put together any offense to cap a time. Teh Birdz took the victory with a 3-1 mark. That loss was compounded by several weeks of good solid scrims and teamwork sessions against them and our ultimate confidence in winning that match only to end up on the wrong side of victory. Our success this cup however came in the roster finally meshing and getting some very solid contributions from newcomers Tragic, Brujah, Knifey and Daky which would be the ground work to greater success in the future!

Following in the footsteps of the Reich Strikes Back Cup was the next chapter for our RTCW Team, with its participation in the 2 Continents! 1 Cup…Cup! This cup was much different than the previous several RTCW revival cups in the fact that the Admins ditched the group stages and playoffs for a more ‘traditional’ format. Returning was a ‘season’ setup with each team playing a set schedule against both NA and EU teams. Following the end of the regular season the top two NA teams would compete in a NA only championship and the top two EU teams would compete in an EU only championship. The winners of the respective playoffs would face off in a battle of the continents with NA vs. EU once again setting the stage for the grand finale! Team Cross Breed would be in the thick of things during the entire cups run with our team compiling a 5-5 record during the 10 week long regular season. Adding to our team’s roster this season was Reker and Lunatic as Deadeye, Daky, Scrilla and Bassman parted ways or went inactive for various reasons. Reker and Luna joined up with Tragic, Brujah, Knifey, Kittens, LikeThat, and Virus047 to form perhaps the best RTCW lineup we’ve had since 2004-2005ish. Our regular season was highlighted with a huge win over rival Teh Birdz, with the final score being 4-2 in favor of CB. We also racked up impressive victories over NA teams Iconic and WWPD both in 4-0 fashion. While we only bested one EU based team in the regular season each match vs. Euro Teams proved we were finally not a push over as we took rounds or consistently proved a tough out by making matches very difficult. The end of the regular season CB was 5-5 and had the second best NA based record of the remaining NA teams which landed Team Cross Breed in the NA Championship Match against none other than Team FHRITP (AKA Envious from previous cups). The match on paper wasn’t pretty but per usual Team Cross Breed put up a good fight even with the 4-0 loss. While many would claim a Runner Up Finish wasn’t the result they would hope for, Team Cross Breed prides itself on a successful run during the cup and even the chance to compete for a Championship as quite the accomplishment considering the competition and the challenge of facing some of the EU and NA competition still playing RTCW during the time of the cup.

Founded to have a feeling of family and trust within its ranks, Cross Breed exceeded its goals and was a huge success for all who saw the team form from the very beginning to its present day team and current roster in 2017. Regardless of what game Team Cross Breed moves to, we will continue to be a team based on good sportsmanship and having fun in any game we play. With our goals now set on future competition in some distant game, we look forward to the challenge of new games and it hope it will be fun ride! GL HF!

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