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Team Cross Breed
Team Cross Breed (24 Roster) [ Results | Awards | Challenge ]
Nickname: Position: Activity:
USA Virus047 offline Team Founder (Game Server and Website Admin) active
USA McSkippy offline OverWatch - Welcome Back Bitch! active
USA Tomatosqueezer offline OverWatch - Tomato Tomato active
USA Sloth offline ET Team active
USA St0rM offline OverWatch - Got Lost Playing MMORPG's active
USA Perkynips offline OverWatch - 'Need a light?' active
USA Chewy offline OverWatch - I'll Rhine Your Hart. active
USA scrill4 offline OverWatch - Better Than Caff active
Canada Tragic offline RTCW & ET - Gibber of the Gibs active
USA Luna offline RTCW & ET - Linda active
USA Reker offline RTCW & ET - Babysitter of Dogs active
USA TwoKittens offline RTCW & ET - "Fuckin Deadeye" active
USA Dead Eye offline RTCW & ET - Daddy Burns active
USA likethat offline RTCW & ET - "You Like That?" active
USA bassman offline RTCW & ET - cg_backrage = auto active
USA kn!f3y offline RTCW & ET - stab stab active
USA Joker offline RTCW & ET - OFFICIAL 'Old Man' active
Canada Cheech offline RTCW & ET - & Chong active
USA Homeless offline RTCW & ET - Needs A New Box! active
USA Sykotic offline RTCW & ET - Plays =FA= Too Much! active
USA Gryg offline RTCW & ET - 'OLD MAN' - Not Official active
USA N!ghty offline RTCW & ET - Bad Aim vs Mike3D active
USA NoAim offline RTCW & ET - Bad Doc Runs & PBJ active
USA Stopthief offline RTCW & ET - Stealz All The Kills active
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Former Members (34 Roster)
Nickname: Position: Activity:
Canada Defiant offline ET inactive
USA mistaken offline BC2 inactive
USA Mr. MacGee offline Brink inactive
USA RevolverOcelotKJB offline BC2 inactive
USA SLUGaMNKY offline BC2 inactive
USA Tallen offline ET:QW inactive
USA TrucK offline BC2 inactive
USA Unfaithful offline Brink inactive
USA Grom offline RTCW & ET - McNuggets & Bathroom Breaks inactive
USA What!? offline COD4, ET:QW, ET, RTCW, Team Captain inactive
USA Blue Wolverine offline BC2 inactive
USA sparks offline ET & Brink inactive
USA Ping offline ET inactive
USA phreakofnature offline ET:QW Team Captain inactive
USA Dredd offline RTCW inactive
USA Bimini offline ET inactive
USA Lube King offline ET:QW inactive
USA Legion offline BC2 inactive
USA slumlord offline ET inactive
USA Crowbar offline ET inactive
USA Cobra offline ET inactive
USA 2Spun offline BC2 inactive
USA Bocephus offline BC2 inactive
Canada Chaosyn offline BC2, Team Captain inactive
USA Canvasback offline ET:QW inactive
USA Dafte offline ET:QW inactive
USA Dominoes offline ET:QW, Team Captain inactive
USA ducnow offline BC2 inactive
USA False Lion offline BC2 inactive
USA juwanna? offline RTCW & ET - Juwanna? BLACK HAMMER! inactive
USA killa_nip offline Brink, Team Captain inactive
USA Kn1ghT offline Diablo II inactive
USA Ledgo offline BC2 inactive
USA Sladden offline ET & RTCW inactive
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