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Team Cross Breed
Team Cross Breed (24 Roster) [ Results | Awards | Challenge ]
Nickname: Position: Activity:
USA Virus047 offline Team Founder (Game Server and Website Admin) active
USA McSkippy offline OverWatch - Welcome Back Bitch! active
USA Tomatosqueezer offline OverWatch - Tomato Tomato active
USA Sloth offline ET Team active
USA St0rM offline OverWatch - Got Lost Playing MMORPG's active
USA Perkynips offline OverWatch - 'Need a light?' active
USA Chewy offline OverWatch - I'll Rhine Your Hart. active
USA scrill4 offline OverWatch - Better Than Caff active
Canada Tragic offline RTCW & ET - Gibber of the Gibs active
USA Luna offline RTCW & ET - Linda active
USA Reker offline RTCW & ET - Babysitter of Dogs active
USA TwoKittens offline RTCW & ET - "Fuckin Deadeye" active
USA Dead Eye offline RTCW & ET - Daddy Burns active
USA likethat offline RTCW & ET - "You Like That?" active
USA bassman offline RTCW & ET - cg_backrage = auto active
USA kn!f3y offline RTCW & ET - stab stab active
USA Joker offline RTCW & ET - OFFICIAL 'Old Man' active
Canada Cheech offline RTCW & ET - & Chong active
USA Homeless offline RTCW & ET - Needs A New Box! active
USA Sykotic offline RTCW & ET - Plays =FA= Too Much! active
USA Gryg offline RTCW & ET - 'OLD MAN' - Not Official active
USA N!ghty offline RTCW & ET - Bad Aim vs Mike3D active
USA NoAim offline RTCW & ET - Bad Doc Runs & PBJ active
USA Stopthief offline RTCW & ET - Stealz All The Kills active
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