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by Virus047

Its mid-March of 2017 and NA RTCW is still alive and kicking (and screaming)! Virus047 and Gut from Teh BirdZ announced in early February the formation of a NA Only Draft Style Cup. Four captains were selected from the almost 40 signups. The 4 captains and the admins then carefully selected the players for each roster in a closed draft to ensure a solid balance for each team and to make things as fair as possible. The cup consisted of a short group stage, where each of the four teams would play one another followed immediately by a two week long playoff (semis and finals). Team Cross Breed’s core active RTCW group participated with Kittens, Deadeye, Brujah, Knifey, Reker, Tragic, Luna, Virus047 along with our several of our close friends Teh BirdZ taking part in the cup. The cup is already in to the Semi Finals with the matchups being released a few days ago. Gut and Virus047 have also hinted at hosting a 3v3 tournament in the very near future and with how things turned out with the current NA Draft Cup, another 6v6 Draft Cup is also possible, but more on that later! For now we wish the four teams the best of luck this week in the Semi Finals! GL HF!
07.03.2017 - 13:47

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