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RTCW NA 3v3 Cup Begins
by Virus047

Following the success of the NA ONLY 6v6 RTCW DRAFT CUP, the community is getting another healthy dose of RTCW Action in the form of a 3v3 Cup! While the format of the 6v6 cup was a great success, the admins and community desired something a little different this time. 36 players signed with the decision to let the admins create the teams in a fair and balanced way, thus not giving the chance for players to fail draft ala raiser or let players create teams in a stacked fashion by drafting there own friends/players. The balance turned out great (see image below).


The cup begins Thursday April 7th with a 1v1 Quick Tournament to complete the bracket by seeding teams with the results of the 1v1 tournament being taken into account. It should be another fun few weeks of RTCW. The RTCW community returned to hosting small competitive tournaments with this past winters 6v6 Cup that was a smash hit with the community. The demand was high to host something else right away and this 3v3 tournament was just what the doctor ordered for the community! Small team size, small maps, quick results, should provide the community with an exciting outlet for which to continue playing this great game! GL HF!
03.04.2017 - 13:17

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