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Some General Team Cross Breed Server Rules!

We do NOT want disrespectful people in the clan much less using our servers and teamspeak. Anyone who makes racist remarks, flames other players, starts fights, etc. will be kicked without exception. Please be MATURE!!! If you have any issues that you cannot resolve on your own, contact Virus047 or another member of the team.

•Respect is to be shown to every single user on the server. There are no offensive comments made to anyone.
•Respect is always given towards friends of our team as well as they may be borrowing our servers or visiting with friends online.
•Any disrespect can lead to some sort of warning or punishment.
•If you respect someone, that someone will respect you back. Simple as that...

Outstanding Conduct:
Those that wear :+: or cb// tags hold themselves to a higher standard in our group, as well as everywhere else including our servers. Wear your tags with pride, and remember that everything you do and say is a direct reflection on who we are as a clan, and more importantly who we are as people. We demand outstanding conduct on our gaming servers and TeamSpeak 3 servers. Treat these servers as your own home. This same conduct should carry over to every gaming server that you set foot in as a sign of respect there as well.

Donations/Server Payments:
Donations will be accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the clan's servers. Donations are greatly appreciated, however this does not imply that the donor will advance in the clan nor necessarily get accepted into the clan. Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the clan and not for personal gain.

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